Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I need "him" to smell on

Blankie has been banished to the upstairs...almost!
I've attempted several times in the past to make blankie stay at home but somehow "he" always sneaks into the car with us. Then I changed the rules and said "he" could go with us but never into stores...oh yea right! Picture this--I'm standing in the middle of the Target parking lot arguing with a six year old about putting "him" back into the car. Cameron is clutching it tightly, crying hysterically, acting as if I'm trying to abduct his best friend and repeating over and over, "I need him...I need him to smell on!" I give in every time...it breaks my heart--just call me sucker. I'm done!!!!! So, we came to an understanding last week that blankie now lives upstairs and if he wants blankie then he will need to visit him there. Okay, half way up the stairs is close enough!!!


Dallin said...

I NEED him to smell on...that is hilarious! Glad you are trying...good luck with that!

anniewalkfam said...

that is so funny. i guess sometime we just need to choose our battles huh!