Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was so exciting this year because Cousin Dallin & Kensie were in town to share in the fun! Cameron was Darth Vader and Dallin & Kensie were skeletons.

We started out the night at the ward trunk-or-treat. Cameron was moving around so quickly that I failed to get any good shots. Cameron is making a candy necklace in this picture.

Then we headed out to terrorize the neighborhoods. Cameron didn't want to wear his mask nor carry his lightsaber--he thought the small glow stick made a very cool lightsaber.

Last year Cameron wanted to get to the door first and always be two steps ahead of Kensie. This year he waited for them and let them have a knock or two. Then Dallin chased a kitty right into a was hilarious! Cameron did that a few years ago and it's embarrassing. The lady who owned the house did not seem amused.

Whenever we all get together for a "kid" function the adults out number the kids!!!! We all had a great time (my mom and Jamie are missing...they did not join us for round 2).

Really Steve....up your nose???

My pictures are a little out of order...too lazy to fix. This is from round one...Grandma and her three grandchildren.

I'm so proud of Cameron tonight...we dragged him every where and he did great!

When we got home Cameron was trying to sort his candy...he really enjoyed handing out candy and would give huge handfuls to the kids!!!

Cameron is very picky about candy and what he likes and doesn't like. I have him put in a plastic bag what he wants to give away. Look at his stash compared to the stash he does not want. Uncle Steve & Uncle David went to town on the giveaway bag.

Cameron got glow in the dark teeth!!! He attempted to run around and scare all of us. Cameron, you are too cute to be scary!!!

One last picture I promise...this was at one of the houses we visited...little disturbing!!!


John and Jaime said...

Oh my...what a fun night. I love the picture of the four siblings. That is so cute and you all look so happy. LOVE IT!!

Ms Jones said...

Looks fun. I gotta say, I really think Cameron has the prettiest eyes. You done good! :)