Friday, August 22, 2008

What's the big deal?

Really, what's the big deal? In Washington I see Sonic commercials all the time (note: we don't have Sonic in Washington) so I've been curious to try it. Hmmm, not impressed at all--got a Reeses Sonic Blast, thinking it would be kinda like a Blizzard. I think I'll stick with DQ. Yes, and even though I did not like it I ate the whole thing. Go figure!
On Thursday we had a girls day out...before shopping we pampered ourselves with a pedicure!

Guess which foot belongs to which sister??

Today we met my cousin Sarah and her daughter Addison for lunch. It was great to see her and to catch-up!!! It's been way too long! Also at lunch Cameron brought his new toy...a hanger from Kohl's--funny how a simple object can be so fun!



are you in any of these pictures? love the pedicures by the way! That is the best treat ever!

Sarah Humble said...

It was SO fun to see you guys. It has been way too long. I loved seeing all of you. LOVE you guys tons.

Stephanie said...

Damien and I used to go to Sonic for drinks all the time in UT. Their food sucks, but they have some good cream slushes, although I agree that their shakes are not that good and DQ is better. They do have them in Eastern Washington, but who is going to drive 3 hours for a Sonic? I don't love them, but then again I was not impressed with In N Out Burger either so I may not be the best judge of "popular/good" food.