Monday, August 18, 2008

Do we really get to ride on a train?

Today we decided to ride the train to Temple Square and head to the Gateway to play in the water. By far the train ride and Temple Square were the highlights of the day.

"Mom, are we really going to ride on a train?" "Mom, will it go really fast?" Mom, where are all these people going?" "Mom, this is so cool!" "Mom, which one of Thomas' friends will pick us up?"

"Cameron, which one of Thomas' friends picked us up?" "We're on Percy and there goes Gordon and here comes Diesel!" Aunt Teri was shocked to hear that she lived in a city where Thomas lives too. 

We stopped to have lunch at the famous JB's!!! 
(ok, not famous but convenient)

Grandma & Grandpa A. headed to the Family History Library and we headed to Temple Square. I've been here many times...I was so excited to bring Cameron and show him around.

Cameron is so fascinated with all the temples in Utah and especially Moroni. With only one temple in Washington and not driving by it that often it's a cool thing to see so many.

Aunt Vicki & Cameron

This is my favorite place on Temple Square...I always feel so much joy & gratitude while sitting in this room. Cameron also was excited. My sister's told him as we were walking up the ramp that he was walking into heaven. When they got to the top they told him he made it, "I did?" After we sat there for a minute he told me he wanted to walk into heaven again.

I loved that Cameron wanted to wander around and check out everything...he does not stay put for long but he tries. We found a display of Book of Mormons in all the different languages--of course we had to find the one in German. For those that don't know I have a sister who is serving in Germany right now!!!! 

It's hard to get Cameron to pose for pics so I was impressed that he was so willing today!!!

Back on the train and off to the spray park! We were prepared and brought suits and towels.

Cameron loved the water here...Dallin on the other hand was not too sure about the whole thing.

Unfortunately, the big water only sprays every 30 minutes for about 5 minutes. But none the less it was fun.

Mmmmm, Aunt Teri bought chocolate ice cream from Ben & Jerry's!

Cameron loves Dallin and will share anything with him...even ice cream!

This was a great day!!!! By the time the day was over we had 2 very hot & tired boys!

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