Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Soccer Camp Day 2--Crazy shirt & ball day

I guess soccer camp has a theme each day...today was crazy shirt and ball day. Cameron wanted to color his ball and draw a picture of Coach Spike--then I used some puff paint (I didn't realize they made that stuff still) and decorated a shirt. I tired to get Cameron involved with this project but he was having no part...he did finally draw Coach Spike. As soon as got to the field he ran right over to Coach Spike to show him his cool ball and t-shirt and the arrogant Coach was unamused. What a let down--for me; Cameron of course was on to bigger and better things. Stay tuned tomorrow is crazy hair day & crazy hat day. How do you have crazy hair and wear a crazy hat? Doesn't the hat defeat the purpose of the hair?

They play little games...this game was called "army men" if you get hit with a ball (which the parents were kicking at them) you are dead...I shot this killer ball at my son and welted his leg. Despite the injury Cameron followed the directions and fell to the ground. Cameron should of received an Oscar for his performance.

Cameron, what was you favorite part? "we were playing a fox game and the huskies were trying to get our tails (the tails were a shirt hanging out their shorts)."


RileyFamily said...

Hello to "Cam-a-ren" from Ethan. That is how his name sounds when Ethan says it, pauses and all. :) Loved the puppet show!!!!! And soccer looks fun and exhausting. :) Ethan wants to watch Cameron's video over and over, I guess this will be the excitment of our day today. Sure miss you!

milestone28 said...

Hey Cameron (and Mandy!!!). Cameron is too adorable. He will definitely be a famous actor when he grows up. Maybe you can get him into those Welch's makes your lips smack commercials while he's still young!!! ;)